What people are saying about Kindermusik...

"Thanks for a welcoming environment and fun activities

for young children. The pace is perfect and everything is 


"I am a full-time working mom.  Kindermusik is a special time that Wesley and I get to have just the two of us (he loves his older brother but also loves his alone time with mom!)  Normally he is a wild, always on the go little guy!  At class he sits so calmly with me and takes it all in.  It's so nice to have that special bonding time together."

"I can already see after three classes the growth in my daughter's social skills and how much better she is following verbal directions!"

"Michelle is the best! She hows joy with everything she does! No wonder her studio is called This Little Light...she definitely has that light!"

"We had a wonderful time at Kindermusik today. Michelle really did an exemplary job-I was super impressed. I could tell that Lukas was enjoying himself so much. Your space is amazing! To have a dedicated area for the class is fantastic and definitely sets the tone!" 

"Kindermusik allows my young children the opportunity to be involved with music, and we LOVE the sign language in our weekly classes!"