As You Prepare for your First Kindermusik Class...

Plan to arrive to the studio a few minutes before your scheduled class.  This will allow you time to remove shoes, jackets and leave belongings in the waiting room, and take care of bathrooming needs before class starts. 



Leave food, drinks, and toys at home 0r in the waiting area.   These simple items can be a distraction and even a safety hazard with little children. We are an allergy conscious studio.  Thank you.

Miss a class? No problem!  Please see the class schedule to find a class you want to attend and email Michelle with this request. 

Parking is available street-side or in adjacent public parking lot. 


503 Washington St 

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Please wash hands before entering the studio or use hand sanitizer located in the studio on the fireplace mantle.This will help to keep us all healthy and safe. 

Parent Participation is expected in each class.  Your child will learn best from watching his favorite teacher, YOU, so it's great to be an active, enthusiastic participant and a patient role model.  Plan to do the actions and activities with your child and follow his/her lead. You will be amazed at how creative our little kiddos are!  

Please use “gathering time” and after class as your main socialization time.  We encourage relationship building and want this to be a time for you to catch up on what is happening with friends and enjoy being conversational. Once class time starts, we ask the you keep talking to a minimum to allow your children and yourselves to get the most out of Kindermusik!  

  We understand that children develop at different rates and have different learning styles. At Kindermusik, our focus is on the whole child. Everyone is included and differences are celebrated.  Classes are child centered and variety is encouraged! Children may leave the group momentarily, but often come back on their ownIf a child needs a break from the group, that is perfectly ok!  

Infants in carriers/car seats are welcome to observe our fun!  After 6 months if baby is joining us during class, please enroll them...they will gain just as much from class as their older siblings!


If you have older unenrolled children that need come along, please speak to me about their participation in class. It will be up to the age range of the children and the number of children in the class . They are always welcome to sit and observe or bring a book or homework to do in the waiting area. 


We want you to attend class as much as possible, but please keep your kids home if they are sick.  It is much better to try schedule a make-up session than to bring sick germs to share with other classmates.  Everyone will appreciate your conscientiousness.   Even though we clean and disinfect items we use in class, we also rely on your diligence to keep contagious kids at home.  Thank you!