This Little LIght Studio COVID-19 Guidelines/ Precautions

Updated 1/26/2021

Please take a moment to read through these Guidelines and Procedures carefully. 

We all know that little children will not be able to “social distance” 100% of the time and will need gentle encouragement and guidance from us to follow our new “best practice” procedures, but we trust that this structure and these modifications will do well to keep us happy and safe while enjoying Kindermusik together!

What WE will be doing as your teachers….

Teachers will take their own temperatures the morning of class. If temperatures are above 99 degrees, an email will be sent to all participants in the class at least one hour prior scheduled start time, and class cancellation will be posted on our Website (  Families will have the option of joining a virtual class or forgoing their class that week. Because of limited class sizes you can inquire about joining another class that week with another teacher, but unlimited attendance in the studio is not an option with this new structure. 

NEW*Class size will be limited to 6 families, and we prefer one adult per child. 

NEW**Each family will bring their own yoga mat or rubber backed small rug. This will enable us to allow for up to 6 families while social distancing and ease our cleaning efforts.

Each family will get their own Container of instruments and props to be used during class.  Only easily washed and sanitized instruments and props will be used. 

Automatic soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are placed in the studio. 

a Winix Air Purifier has been added to the room. You can read this article from Consumer Reports for more information on how this can possibly help reduce transmission of viruses.

Windows will be open as often as possible to circulate air in our studio.

Teachers may not be wearing masks when at the front of the classroom, and at least 6 feet from everyone,  as it reduces intelligibility and your ability to hear our singing and speaking effectively. If we move about the classroom, we will have masks on.


What we ask that YOU do…

Consider taking your temperature before you leave for class. If you have a temperature, please stay home.

If you or your child has been ill or exposed to someone with Covid 19 within 7 days of class, please choose to come to a VIRTUAL class that week or check with Michelle about making up your missed class at a later date. We do reserve the right to ask families to leave if we feel they are not well (visibly coughing, sneezing, etc).

Even with the mask mandate, because we are a small group, we are able to social distance, and most are kids under 5, Masks are not required in the classroom.  But if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so. We DO ask that consider wearing a mask while in the waiting room where it is difficult to social distance. The mask mandate was updated and is in effect from 01/26/21- 03/03/21. 

Please arrive to class on time and not too early as we may still be cleaning.  If you would like to visit with friends, we encourage you to communicate and social distance outside of the studio. 

Upon entering the studio, please follow these steps: 

  • Remove shoes and leave belongings in the waiting room and don’t linger here. 

  • Go straight to the “potty” and wash your and your child’s hands. 

  • If you use the toilet, please use the clorox wipes to wipe down the handle and seat of the toilet.

  • Come into the classroom. Choose a spot with materials as your designated space for class.  Explore the contents of your tub while chatting with other families. There will be no ball play at this time.

  • All items will be put back into the tub when you hear “toys away - toys away - time to put your toys away”. 

  • The routine Hello song will commence your class.

  • When in class, and a child moves away from your designated area, first, attempt to bring them back by signaling to them with a hand gesture or calling their name. If you need to get up to get them that is fine. We don’t want anyone to feel awkward because of children who mingle or explore, we will just do our best to stay in our designated spaces.  

  • This is a hard one for me to ask, but please refrain from singing. We know that singing is a more forceful action than talking, and may more easily communicate germs. Therefore, we ask that you sing along in your head or hum during class, and please DO sing and sing loudly at home! :)

“Goodbye” songs will include only actions that can be done within your family or that don’t involve touch. We can “give a little wave” and “blow someone a kiss” or maybe you have some ideas to share with us!  It will be at your discretion that the children shake hands or give hugs as you leave.  

We will be doing additional professional cleanings weekly as well as thorough cleaning of all high-contact surfaces prior to and immediately following classes. 

If you feel at any time that your in-studio Kindermusik experience is not comfortable, you may opt out at that time. Time spent in class will not be refunded, but future classes that have not been attended can be fully refunded, or preferably credited for use at a later date. 


*As many of you know, we run an Airbnb upstairs and the use of the kitchen is included, but not the rest of the main floor. We have specific guidelines for our guests to follow when in the house, and we block off the main floor, but we do not have cameras or any way to know if person’s are in our classroom space. WITH THAT SAID, we want you to know that following each guest’s stay, we also RE-clean and sanitize our studio space to ensure that we have kept our Kindermusik space safe for our families. I will post a calendar of guest stays for your knowledge just in case you would like to know if someone checked out the weekend before you have class. I just want to be as transparent as possible in letting you know that you are not the only ones in the house.