WHAT is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is the world's LEADING and largest MUSIC & MOVEMENT education program for children ages birth to 7 years. 


Internationally known for creating joy, relationship building, and developing the whole child, Kindermusik not only  builds a sound music foundation for your child, but offers so much more!


Weekly instruction in movement and music classes STIMULATE the child in active and creative ways that are:




*WHOLE CHILD focused

WHY choose Kindermusik?


Research has shown 

that consistent EXPOSURE to music and music instruction accelerates the BRAIN DEVELOPMENT of young children in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading, math, and speech perception and production.  


Our gift to you is the JOY you experience through Kindermusik.  By enrolling your child, you are giving your child the best possible start in life!  

See link below to learn about skills needed for Preschool - all built into Kindermusik!

HOW do I Enroll my Children in Kindermusik?

Enrolling is EASY! Click here to enroll one time and you are set for ongoing classes with advancement at your child's own pace.